The World Cup's Dirty Little Secrets.

Every four years, people from all walks of life and from across the globe gather in baited breath to watch and support their country play in the World Cup hoping that theirs would be the team that will hoist the ten pound, pure gold trophy above their heads. The event has been known to bring people together, sometimes in friendly rivalries, as teams meet each other on the pitch and keep us in suspense until the last second waiting to see who will move on from the group stages and who will go home defeated.   

All this sportsmanship is wonderful and beautiful to witness to say the least, but what happens when the skeletons inside the closet come out? Suffice to say that it must take a huge effort to put together such a production; I can't imagine that these skeletons don't exist. Backdoor agreements, governments taking shortcuts to make ends meet; the World Cup must cause a furry of corrupt moves in order to create the spectacle that we all watch comfortably from our hometown. With that, let us take a moment and thank the Brazilian people for so publicly displaying the World Cup's dirty laundry for all of us to see.  

Brazil has been taken by a storm of anger and frustration as million of its inhabitants take to the streets in protest against the World Cup being hosted by their country. It seems that instead of the government, presided over by Rousseff, investing in the welfare of its people it is investing in state of the art soccer stadiums. The price of public transportation has shot up in order to make up for the soccer makeover the country is undergoing. But while this is taking place, Brazilians can still be found roaming the streets looking for food and shelter, many have no health care, and even more still cannot afford good education. Thankfully they will have beautiful new stadiums that they themselves may not have access to; maybe the thought of being there will keep them warm at night. 

So what now? Do we cancel a production of such a gargantuan size simply because the people aren't satisfied with their daily lives? Is FIFA really to blame for this, all they are attempting to do is bring the world together through soccer, they’re innocent bystanders in this mess and it's the government's responsibility to ensure that their people are well taken care of before the great FIFA monster picks them to host the next event. Some may even go so far as to say that the extra publicity and foot traffic that the World Cup will cause is good for their economy; more tourists would mean more money being spent in their cities and towns leaving local merchants and businessmen to reap the benefits caused by this overbearing monster called FIFA.

As we wait for the possible public address by Rousseff, one cannot help but be amazed at the lengths to which a government can go to in order to be a part of this production. How is it possible that they are unable to give their people a better lifestyle and yet when the World Cup knocks at their door, suddenly anything and everything is fair game in order to make sure that Brazil is presentable to the FIFA board? They justify price hikes and belt-tightening tactics all so that they can build a soccer stadium but won’t do the same for healthcare reform. To those people traveling to Brazil for the World Cup: don’t get sick when you’re out there watching the games, you most likely will not get much help, healthcare costs a lot you know?