A collection of published articles written by Yasmine.

Ricochet Media

Saudi Blogger is a Political Prisoner, not an Apostate

Major #actonclimate Rally Planned As Premiers Meet In Quebec City

Historic March in Quebec City: 25 000 Demand Climate Action Now

Bell Local

Underground MTL

The Prince Arthur Herald

Marois's Miscalculation

Quebec Elections 2014: Week 3 in Review

Cue The Political Boogeyman

Congratulations Quebec, Now What? 

Has The Egyptian Revolution Lost Its Way?

Think of The Youth

Picking and Choosing Citizens

A Second Chance for Syrians 

New Canadian Media

Montreal as a City-State

The Islamic Monthly

Syrian Refugee Camps: Too Many Children Left Behind

Bahrain: The Hidden Revolution

Women Of The Gaming World

Climbing The Highest Mountain: One Saudi Woman's Journey To Making History  

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Egypt

Can My Robot Do Hajj For Me? (As Editor) 

Inside "America The Beautiful" 

And the Oscar Goes To... 

Red, White and Muslim

Can Ghosts Change Hollywood Stereotypes about Muslims? 

Abdullah ElShamy From Tora Prison: Journalism Is Not A Crime

The Faces of The So-Called Islamic State (Featured in Winter 2014/5 print edition) 

Elite Daily

Texas Issues 500th Death Sentence

An Egyptian Man Has Confessed To The Murders On Alexandria Rooftop (Video)

Life Lessons Learned In Your Mid-Twenties

The Abortion Issue 

Revolutionary Changes In The Catholic Church For Generation-Y

Why Our Children Will Suffer From Social Media  

What Will The Egyptians Do Now?  

Egypt: Amidst The Bloodshed, It's Hard To See Right And Wrong   

Has Technology Screwed Us Over In Terms Of Dating?  

The Brotherhood Is Disbanded: Is Democracy Or Dictatorship The Future Of Egypt

Chemical Weapons In Syria: What Is Bashar Thinking?  

What Will Obama Do? 

Obama And Syria: An Administration That Can't Make Up Its Mind

The Two Sides Of The Syrian Conflict

Put The Weapons Down: A Call For Unity And Peace

What's The Current State Of Egypt

How Technology Continues To Destroy A Social Generation  

No Woman No Drive: Leading Saudi Women In The Fight For The Right To Drive Their Cars In The Country

Learning From Madiba: Six Important Lessons To Take From The Inspiring Life Of Nelson Mandela

How Time Magazine Made An Amazing Choice For Person Of The Year