Forty Eight Hours

We didn't simply do it once, we did it twice.  

We come from the land of civilization, a land that holds the history of a people who undertook great achievements before anyone else in the world. Our ancestors created the first writing system, the first people to create a system of burial, we built the pyramids and now we showed the world the power of a united people who know the value of their opinions and the strength of their voice.  

On January 25th, the people of Egypt took to the streets against the oppressive Mubarak regime. They spent days in the streets in Tahrir Square chanting against the dictatorship they were living under for thirty years. Following the success of that revolution we were faced with a predicament, choosing between an islamist leader or a leader with ties to the old regime. Forced under pressure to choose the lesser of two evils, egyptians voted for Dr. Mohamed Morsi in hopes that maybe a religious political group would be a better option than one with a background in the military.  

On June 30th 2013, we took to the streets again. The government we were forced to vote into office does not suit our needs and we know our voices will be heard. Across Egypt and across the world, egyptians came together to protest against a government that does not represent us in any way, shape or form. We know that we can change the world and we will not be suppressed again, the taste of freedom is too sweet.  

Dr. Morsi, you do not represent us. We did it once and we did it again, take whatever is left for you and step down, you have forty eight hours to react. It's your move and every egyptian across the globe is watching.