Who Am I?

Lives need structure, people need definitions and guidelines in order to be able to properly judge whether someone is overstepping their boundaries or not, we need to able to distinguish between normal and not-so-normal. The question is, who created these guidelines? Who defined words such as terrorist and extremist? Who defined my religion and my people as being driven by crimes against humanity? I walk the streets of the city I've called home since the day I came to life in one of its local hospitals. I speak the language better than I do my own native language and relate to this culture more than my own sometimes. These streets contain more memories than any other place in the world, first days of school, first driving lessons, first tree to climb, so many firsts and yet such a stranger. In light of recent events, people look to my people and see anger and hate, they see someone that is oppressed and wants to get revenge on his oppressors, they see a lion locked in his cage. Am I such a case? Not at all. I am merely a victim of the a heinous attack that took place because of someone's misguidance from my beautiful religion. I'm a victim of the outlier which you assumed was the norm. I'm the norm not him.

However, because you choose to focus on him and his attacks you assume that each and every one of us is the same. Such judgement causes those who wish to live in peace and tranquility in their homes to suffer because you won't listen. You see darker skin and you assume that it covers the scars of an oppressed victim in her house. You see humility walk by you and take for someone living without the right to an opinion or a life outside the house. You understand sayings of peace and sayings of extremism. Suddenly, the neighbours you've loved are seen as enemies, your classmates are terrorists, everyone is out to get you all because of some kid that decided to do something stupid in the name of my religion.

He highjacked my religion, that's what he did. He doesn't represent it, he's the reason the world misunderstands us. He is the outlier not the norm and I have no association to this person or anyone that believes that his crimes are okay. My religion never preached such acts as acts of worship or ones that are worthy of Paradise. If only you knew what my religion told me, you would know it's true beauty and you would come to love it as I have. If only you would give me a chance and bring down the barriers you've created. Take the time to understand that which you don't know and I promise it will be worth it in the end.