Where have all the Egyptians Gone?

For months, Egypt was on the front page of every news source available to mankind as the people watched a great fight for their democratic freedom. Everyday, the world turned to this great country of great history to see what would happen next and whether democracy really would win out in the end over dictatorship. Then one day, he left! It seemed practically insane to say "Mubarak stepped down" that day as people wondered whether this was some sort of political hoax. However, the speech came and the helicopter took off and he had really stepped down, Egypt was now on it's way to becoming a democratic country where freedom of speech reigns and government reps are held accountable for all their actions and corruption is hidden like in normal government offices. So where did everyone go? The throngs of people that were marching in the streets chanting slogans of freedom and democracy and down with the government seem to have all gone home and Tahrir Square is back to its normal vehicular traffic as opposed to the foot traffic it saw for months.

Seriously though, where is everyone?

President Morsi was elected to represent the egyptian people in the first ever democratic elections to take place. I remember my parents excitedly filling out the ballots and casting their votes with pride thinking how lucky they were to have lived long enough to see the day when they could vote in such an election in their beloved home country. Morsi came with with big promises and very long speeches, he came carrying hope and honesty and integrity with him into the presidential palace and we are still waiting to see any of these characteristics come from him.

Dear God, why does this always happen? We were so close, we could feel the democracy with our fingertips and we still got stuck with a dictator.

Instead of a democracy we ended up with a bottomless pit of material to use for political satire purposes and a country that deteriorates day by day. Whether it's petty theft or abductions that take place on the daily, Egypt has reached a new low economically and politically and ex-president Mubarak is sitting in his cell pointing his finger saying "I told you so".

So whether this was a plan that he had in mind, or history repeating itself or simply a transition period, Egypt has definitely seen better days. President Morsi seems to be enjoying the perks of being the leader of 80 million people without putting in much of the necessary work other than asking for money from different countries thus incurring a ridiculous debt on an already economically shot Egypt. All the while, egyptians have simply given up and gone home and frankly I don't blame them. A people can only fight against the current so much until they realize that it just isn't worth the loss, we're stuck with him until the end of his term, we might as well enjoy the jokes he inspires.