She's Not Alone. (A small break from politics!)

To the world she’s lonely, actually she’s the definition of lonely. She’s gotten used to her solitude and reached a point where she actively searches for silence when things get too loud around her. She enjoys the silence and the ability that it gives her mind to wander off into a world where her dreams come true. She lives vicariously through the books she always carries with her, yesterday she was part of Wikileaks and today she’s writing to the canadian Prime Minister. Her bubble is intact and sometimes impenetrable  But, that’s just the world’s perspective of her. 

There’s a light inside her, one that can never be extinguished. It grows constantly with every effort she puts to hang onto the only constant lifeline the world has to offer. The only life vest that will never break or be lost, she hangs onto the connection with her Creator. She’s not depressed, not desperate, not suicidal, she’s only been hurt one too many times by the people that weren’t supposed to do that. She’s believed in the promises that she watched break, she’s dreamt the dreams that suddenly evaporated with one conversation that took that turn. She’s lived the real world and now she knows better. She knows where to put her hopes and dreams, she knows who to trust and who go to in times of need and contentment, she will turn to Him with tears and a nervous breakdown and know that He will help her. He will never let her down, He loves her and knows what’s best. He watches her as she walks the road of life, sometimes most ungracefully tackling the obstacles that come in her way, and promises that He will never leave her side. He is the light inside of her and He will always be there for her. He doesn’t break His promises, He promises. 

Don’t feel sorry for her, it’s her solitude that saved her and opened her eyes, it’s this solitude that is the reward for having sacrificed for Him. He is now the only concern, the only One she turns to. Be happy for she found the secret to a successful and happy life, rejoice in her newfound lifeline and know that she is happy even if she still longs for worldly things sometimes. She knows that His is the only plan she wants and that His is the only plan that should be followed.

Rejoice… rejoice… rejoice in the face of complete surrender and submission.

She places her forehead on the floor and begs during prayer. 

She finally figured it out. Rejoice.