Is This Really The 21st Century?!

First and foremost, I would like to take a moment and send prayers to the victims of the Boston attacks. Absolutely nothing can justify the heinous attack that has put so many innocent lives in jeopardy; things like this make me sick. 

As many of you know, the Boston Marathon was the latest target of an attack from an unknown source. The bombs were set off at the finish line before the eyes of spectators waiting for their loved ones to cross the finish line. It's sad to say but, since the turn of the century, there have been quite a few attacks like this and so the reactions have also come be very predictable. The basic White House address stating that the perpetrators will be tried to the fullest extent of the law, the videos posted on youtube allowing you to relive the moment of the explosion, the slow announcement of the victims and their status and of course the common conversations and reactions across the globe on the internet. 

Take a moment and thank Facebook and Twitter for all the news reporters that have subtlety replaced the close friends on your list. 

Among the many reactions are one that I cannot quite understand, and this is no direct hit towards anyone as I will sadly be discussing my own culture in this post. Many people that are from war torn countries react by saying "yes but what about the war in so and so country?". I understand where they're coming from saying this; many people have had to create a "normal" life in dodging bullets and bombs on a daily basis. Some even risk their lives to do the things we do on a "boring" day such as go to school and work. They look to the West when a tragedy takes place only to say "that's what I go through every day of my life!". So I can understand the reaction but the loss of innocent life is wrong no matter what country or ethnic background you're from. The loss of life shouldn't be justified by revenge. I can guarantee that these victims and their families will feel even less remorse for tragedies around the world simply because, as we teach our children every day, two wrongs never make a right. 

Another reaction is directed towards the media for covering this story to such an extent that it suffocates viewers while giving tragedies across the world mere seconds of air time. I admit this is frustrating for people wanting to the world to understand the suffering that is taking place across the globe, but bear in mind that this is their home. Just like our news agencies air constant reports about our local streets and only skim through things happening in the West, they will do the same here because an attack such as the one that took place yesterday touches them directly just like it does when it happens in our streets back home. 

The point is that feeling contempt or trying to turn a tragedy into a lesson for the rest of the world will not get us anywhere. People will not feel our struggle when instead of lending a hand and helping them through theirs, we smile and cheer and feel that they deserve to go through it because of what's happening in our countries. It's sad to see how far we've come in terms of technological advancements, medical discoveries and ultimate connectedness and yet are incapable of putting our guards down and helping one another out in times of need.