Bow Down in the Presence of Greatest....?

During his recent, and I would like to mention first trip to Israel as President, Obama seems to be playing both sides against each other. During his speech, he made sure to please both parties, but mostly Israel, through statements such as Israel has our unshakable support but the palestinians need a country of their own. Israel is the strongest country in the region but please try to see the palestinian struggle through their eyes. In show of what I view as cowardice, Obama was attempting to ease the tensions but merely infuriated both sides by going all the way across the globe to say what has been said a million times before, discuss the two state solution, draw clear borders and stop bothering each other man!!! Now although his speech was met with applause at intervals of each period or comma, I doubt there was much to take away from this other than the US attempting to flex its muscles to show the world that Captain America's powers did in fact reach the Middle East, in case you were curious about that fact.

Now president Obama can go home to the White House, pat himself on the shoulder for a job well done and twiddle his thumbs while the crazy people in the Middle East come running to him to solve their problems. My question to you Mr. President is, who died and made you king of the world? Yes, the US is a major superpower in the world with military presence in every country including, I would suspect, the Maldives. However, what knowledge do you have of the cultures, the beliefs and the history of the region to be able to put the leader's hat on your head and decide that you can fight our battles for us? I mean, you grace us with your presence in our countries every once in a while, or when the political analyst realizes that your ratings are bad in the region, go on and on in a speech that is basically saying absolutely nothing of value, smile, kiss a baby's forehead and then go home after a job well done wondering why there's a problem in the first place.

Thank you for your gracious help and kindhearted appearance but I think we can figure out our own problems without the help of the bald eagle. If anything, the only thing you created was a massive cleanup of streets which you will walk through and buildings that your eyes will gaze at and major traffic during your stay. Thank you, really from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for changing my life.