The Boy who Cried Wolf

With the growing alliances that are being created and destroyed and recreated among nation states, it is no surprise that their leaders are always very much so concerned with their sovereignty and their security. Every politician discusses security, people want to feel safe in their home towns and so it is up to our presidents and prime ministers to ensure that safety for us. 

What happens though when that assurance of security impedes on other people's safety and freedoms? What happens when the leaders we have elected will go to any and every length, including putting other people's lives in danger, in order to ensure that our children can walk home safely from school? Why is it that suddenly, in 2013, one person's life is more important than the other on the basis of race and religion? 

Everyone has been watching closely as the syrian people have been trying to maintain their demands to overthrow Al-Assad, they protests took place shortly after Egypt succeeded in their uprising. Sadly, the syrian uprising has turned into a bloodbath and now many fear that the end will be a gruesome tale of lost lives. One country though, felt the need to come up with a theory of it's own as it has many times before, Israel is concerned with their security and so are taking preemptive steps in order to maintain their security. 

Excuse you? 

What do these preemptive measures entail exactly one might ask, well put in layman's terms, we're going to bomb them as a show of force, build the wall ten miles into their territory and show them who's boss! This is starting to sound more and more like a hostile player at the Risk board game than real life to me. Thus, I am reminded of the old tale that our parents used to tell us about the boy who cried wolf when no wolf was around and the day there was a wolf, no one believed him. The IDF should really start to think before they act.

The international community is now faced with a predicament; Israel is trying to secure it's citizens safety by bombing Syria in an effort to ensure that Syria will reconsider if it was planning on attacking Israel because they seem to think that civil war isn't enough of a concern right now. How is this even legal? How can an international body such as the United Nations that is a cornerstone for peace processes across the world, sit back and watch as innocent lives are being trafficked practically for the sake of safety and security? Or is anything that Israel does justified by the fact that it's the black sheep of the Middle East; the same old excuse that the arabs don't like us so we had to hit before they could think of hitting us first.


I wonder if one day they will cry wolf and no one will respond.