Pharoah's Rule

As the old adage goes, history always has a way of repeating itself and this phenomenon cannot be more clearly seen than with what is taking place in Egypt now. If one is to look at the history of the country, egyptians went from being ruled by four presidents in thirty years to  a series of vice presidents, members of parliament and two presidents in a few months. Be that as it may, the fact that egyptians managed to overthrow a dictatorship that was going to lead them to their demise is an extraordinary feat; right now though it's time to be less emotional and more practical. 

Two years after the egyptian revolution successfully took place, the country has yet to improve in any way. After holding the first ever democratic elections which included the participation of expat egyptians as well as every single egyptian locally, the government has yet to act in the way in which a democratically elected government should act. I wouldn't dare say that democracy is perfect and creates complete utopia but if a dictatorship hasn't been working for the last three decades, then I think it's time to give something different a chance. 

As I sit in my living room in Montreal, I watch as flames blaze over the most beautiful country in the world. Thousands of years of civilization will be destroyed because of the lack of tact on behalf of our current president. The people of Egypt have spoken and what they want is simple and very achievable, they want the basics. They long for the same rights that we all exercise in our daily lives and the facilities which we take for granted every second of the day.

It really isn't rocket science, really. 

Please Mr. President, instead of blocking your ears like a child in the midst of a tantrum, open your mind, your eyes, your ears and most importantly your heart to the people which you preside over. Listen and feel their concerns, you were once one of us, standing in endless lines in order to get your national identification card. You were stuck in traffic among the masses trying to understand why the road system is such a disaster. You fear for your family's health when they eat food from local crops just as any father would for his family.

You are one of us, don't forget your roots, go back to them and listen to them. 


A disheartened egyptian.