Reflections From A Bus Ride

I sat down at the first empty seat I spotted near a window and took a moment to catch my breath after that sprint for the bus which included flailing arms and pleads to the bus driver to wait that extra second so that I wouldn't miss my meeting. As usual, I was running late but missing this bus would have meant bailing altogether; not an option for this meeting. I've always loved gazing out the window on long bus rides, watching the trees whizz past me in a blur, the cars race by and just people living their lives. I usually pop my earphones in and listen to the latest hip hop or R&B album I downloaded but today I forgot my earphones beside the door; it ended up being the best thing that happened to me. That slip up allowed me to do something I haven't done in a long time, reflect on my life.

Reflecting is always hard because we tend to pick at the things we're doing wrong and then get depressed that we may not be at the exact point we want to be, but for once this wasn't the case. I began thinking of my day and how it was going and all the things I got done, mental checkmark that I did everything on my to do list. Then, as I went further and further back into the past, my reflections became more and more interesting.

See, in the heat of the moment, we never know exactly why this particular thing is happening to us whatever it may be. We often react with exasperation and disappointment that we aren't getting the exact thing that we want and think that it's the end of the world. But as I put the pieces of the last year together, I realized the incredible plan that had taken place without my noticing. This was His plan for me. This is exactly where He wants me to be right at this very moment.

Several aha moments happened, but the particularity was that I realized exactly why certain people were placed in my life at the time that they were brought in. The saying goes that some people come in as lessons while others last a lifetime makes me feel like those with lessons aren't good but they are the essence of the guidance He gives us. If they lasted a lifetime maybe that lesson wouldn't have been as effective, or had ever been learnt. He works in amazing ways and it's only when I look back now that I see my path and understand why the events of the last year took place. It was so I could stand here now and be exactly where I am doing exactly what I'm doing.

Alhamdoulilah Rab el 3alameen.

Maybe readers will recognize their role and maybe they won't, maybe you're still another lesson that I will learn in the future and maybe you'll be in it for the long haul with me. But as I gaze out the window and watch the world flash right before my eyes, I know that His plan is perfect. His plan is the one I want and He knows exactly what He's doing.

Trust Him, take the leap, and watch the beautiful scenery as His plan is woven in the most perfect of manners and catered solely to you.