Division & Destruction

It has been known throughout time that a people, divided, will fall. Strength has always been and always will be in numbers and this theory seems to be something that many egyptians have forgotten in the wake of the recent events that took place. It is normal to have a vast array of opinions, even healthy and encouraged, but the fact of the matter remains that if a people can't reach a common ground on their demands, we will never achieve the success we so badly want and deserve. As we get caught up trying to figure out who is pro what and against who, the world continues to go around and around and governments take it upon themselves to make decisions while their people are too distracted to realize whether they even agree to these decisions. 

While we fight so hard to try to convince our families and friends of our opinions and categorize our surroundings into the niches we created, our lives as egyptians are being decided for us. It hurts to see that we cannot come together like we once did two years ago, united all under one common goal. Today, we are all quoting Bush's famous comment before going off and being the saving grace for the iraqi people: "you're either with us or against us". Who is us? Who is them? Who am I against? Who decided all these things and why are we falling into the same trap that many people before us have fallen into?  

In response to the recent events in Egypt, we have drawn a very thick red line between us and them and have thus forced the wheel to start spinning towards our demise. We are destroying ourselves. Whether it's a division on an opinion about the military, the Muslim Brotherhood or even whether you're egyptian enough to be discussing this, we are gearing ourselves to fall into a bottomless pit of destruction. Consider this fair warning: do not let this happen for the sake of Egypt.  

So the next time you are sitting with friends and are hashing out your political affiliations and opinions keep in mind that at that exact moment, decisions are being made that will affect your life whether you agree with them or not. This not to say that we shouldn't discuss the issues, but instead of arguing amongst ourselves and making that dividing line between us and them thicker and thicker, embrace one another, embrace the difference and remember that the passion you all feel is because we all have one common goal: a better and brighter future for Egypt. 

تحيا مصر وتحيا الحرية - Long live Egypt and long live freedom.