Some Thoughts on Egypt

While I was one of the many egyptians that boycotted the elections because I refused to be part of such a circus act, I watched as the millions thronged along the streets to cast their vote in the first ever democratic elections held in Egypt. For once in the lives of the egyptian people, they felt a glimmer of hope post-January 25th revolution that their voices would be heard and that they would finally benefit from a democratic way of life. Although, I saw Shafik vs Morsi as an act under the big top, I kept my thoughts to myself and watched as President Mohamed Morsi took his oath in Tahrir Square and proceeded to open his suit jacket to prove that he didn't have a bullet proof vest on and shove aside his bodyguards. All this to show that he knew his people loved him and that he wasn't afraid to be one of us minions. Cue applause from the crowd around him, sprinkle tears of joy in their eyes, add a dash of nationalistic songs and draw the curtains on a sold out show. Thank you now everyone go home.    

And go home we did. We went home, we patted ourselves on the backs for a job well done and thought we would go back to normal life. We compiled the promises Morsi made during act 1 scene 2 of The Oath in Tahrir Square and gave him one hundred days to wave his magic wand and change Egypt for the better. Days, weeks and months went by and we saw the slow downfall of our beloved country while Mr. President went off on his merry way begging other countries for money for projects we didn't know about and let his friends take on our constitution and turn it into the laughing stock of the international realm. Add to that the fact that they made a beautiful religion look completely ridiculous and you have the goings on of the final act in Morsi's play. Calls for another revolution were made and we had ourselves another impeached president.  

Now, and I cannot make this point clear enough, I am no supporter to the Muslim Brotherhood however, I am a conspiracy theorist. The military that was once defamed completely in Egypt now walks the streets of the capital with pride and joy arm in arm with protestors, we are bombarded with commercials asking us to update our Facebook status to support the military in their quest to save Egypt and go out and protest tomorrow to show that this was a coup by any other name. I'm all for it, I didn't believe the circus act but I must admit the timely fashion in which the military responded to the Morsi Show makes me a little bit skeptical of their motives. When did they have time to bring together El Baradei, the azhar sheikh, the coptic pope, a female journalist, the leader of the Tamarrod movement and El Sissy for a press conference that would confirm that the curtain was drawn on The Morsi Show? Again, I fully support them and hope that our country will go back to normal soon without the dark cloud of the brotherhood looming above our heads but the conspiracy theorist inside of me can't help but wonder what will come out of The Military Special, act 1 scene 2.  

In the end, I may be completely wrong about all this and we will all hold hands and sing Kumbaya together in Tahrir Square and skip home happily but a part of me is watching with fear as to what may play out next in the country. It seems that everyone wants a piece of it and no one truly cares about Egypt. When will we have a president that actually cares about the country and the people?