Oh Brotherhood.....

The clashes in Cairo are starting again and hundreds of people's lives are being sacrificed all because no one wants to listen. One cannot understand what is on that presidential seat that makes every man that ever sat on it incapable of getting off it by any reason other than death or international embarrassment. After January 25th, egyptians breathed a sigh of relief when the democratic process of electing a leader took place. Campaigns were set up, debates took place, flyers were passed out, bribes placed in all the right places and egyptians finally felt that for once the future of their country was in their hands. Lo and behold, we were faced with the problem that our long time allies faces, choosing between the lesser of two evils as does the US every four years. One candidate was from the old regime; a very well spoken politician who knows exactly what to say and when to say it, Ahmed Shafik was seen as the return of the anti-christ. Whilst the other side of the coin found a man who has no political abilities, no knowledge outside the sphere of his PhD, Mohamed Morsy was literally incapable of formulating a sentence when he sent his beloved message to egyptians abroad.

Dear God, what has this world come to? Please keep Egypt safe!

Now, ladies and gentlemen, we find ourselves back to square one, Morsy has secured his rear end to the presidential seat and is clearly not going anywhere anytime soon. It's as if they use crazy glue on that seat! History has a funny habit of repeating itself, and so here we are again in the midst of another frustrated revolution 2.0 hoping that he will get the point and vamoose! With the brotherhood backing him though, a religious group that has been preparing for the day it would take over Egypt since its indoctrination by Hassan El-Banna, I am very sceptical that he will get the point.

I'm on the fence when it comes to the brotherhood, although I'm not sure whether religion and politics should mix. They are an extremely organized group who know what they want and have the patience to strike at the right time and not in a haphazard manner. Thus, the reason for their success, unlike other factions of religion or politics, they plan and stick to it.

For the time being, one can only hope that the lives of innocent people will be spared, we need to take a moment and listen to one another and see how we can cooperate. It's funny because both the protestors and the brotherhood have somewhat the same goal in mind, the betterment of Egypt. So, why can't we work together?