Talking Politics with Aunties

Dear diary,  

In light of recent events in Egypt, anyone who's everyone has taken it upon themselves to become the leading political analyst in Egypt's internal affairs. As a political science major, I'm elated by this sudden liking everyone is taking in politics; finally the time has come for people to stop rolling their eyes when I open the topic of recent events and policies across the globe! It's such a beautiful site, people hashing out politics together, sharing ideas and of course finishing off the discussion at complete odds because they didn't manage to convince their counterpart of their personal opinion - an egyptian trait that none of us is capable of shaking off.  

However, in the midst of all this jovial discussion of policies and politics, there lies a character that you must approach with great caution; the aunties. Now we all know that an auntie is never wrong, and if she is, you never dare state that fact unless you want some kitchen utensil projected directly at your person. So when it comes to the discussion of politics, the same theory applies and the auntie you are facing enjoys milking this theory for all its worth. She will throw out every possible theory that she firmly believes in and watch you as you squirm, forcing yourself with all your might not to correct her while she smiles victoriously. Talking politics with tant is probably the same as angering a starving lion; there should be a disclaimer provided before the conversation begins.  

With this warning at your disposal, go forth and enjoy the weekend and if politics come up with an auntie I would suggest you smile and nod and back away slowly, very very slowly at the right moment... Run!  

-  Y.